Happy Saturday everyone!

We visited the local farmers market in Arcata this morning and the day has changed from a foggy overcast to a wonderful sunshine sky!

I'm not too comfortable taking photos of things in public, I'm very much afraid of someone yelling at me and I'm a little bit too shy to ask for permission. Today I thought I'd simply shoot on the fly, which was me, being oh so subtle, raising my camera & firing off a quick shot without focusing, using the light meter or really thinking. I took 5 photos and I liked 3 of them! Go figure!

I left with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a small cactus, a GIANT leek, some spinach & salad greens (I'm determined to try a spinach smoothie this week!), a baguette, and a new honey! I'm a bit of a honey fiend, I obsess over new honeys...this one is called "sand dune"! If the sun stays bright today tonights dinner will be something simple, a roasted potato spinach salad with sauteed leeks on baguette, but if it starts to cool down, I'll make potato leek soup!

Yesterday was pretty interesting, we decided to take a break from work, me sewing, Mr. McPorkchop studying to see a movie. We saw Date Night, which was truly *hilarious*. I am a huge fan of both Tina Fey & Steve Carell. Without about 20 minutes left in the movie, the power went out! So we got replacement tickets and came home..only to find no power here either! For over 2 hours! After it came back on we were watching hulu when we heard a very loud noise and a bit of a shake. Earthquake! I think the only reason we felt it was because we were in bed and our windows rattle big time. What a crazy day!

I'm not sure if it's my medicine or if I'm not sleeping well or what but I am seriously BEAT today. I feel like I could sleep all day and all night with no problem. I quilted three mini quilts this morning and I'm not sure I like how one of them came out...hmmm.

I hope everyone  is having a great Saturday!!! xox

P.S. Is anyone else extremely annoyed with amazon/kindles pricing of eBooks lately? One day a book will be $15.99, the next $13.99, then $8.99 and then back up to $13.99. It's to the point where I hesitate to buy any new books because the price might change, not only that but paying anything above $9.99 for an ebook is so silly when I can go to Costco and buy the hardcover for the same price or cheaper! I notice a lot of people selling eBooks on eBay as pdfs but I haven't figured out how to make them actually readable on kindle, the font is so tiny & the text is a mess!