Thanks so much everyone for your kind emails & comments with regards to gulf help! It's so great to be able to put out an idea and have it met with such positive thoughts! I'm super excited & I'll blog more once I figure a few things out!

It's been a verrrry long past few days.

I found out the results from my first batch of blood tests and I can no longer have a few favorite foods which is a bummer (I'm looking at you hazelnuts!). Next is environmental allergies & a CT scan of my sinuses...what a treat ;)

I did a *lot* of sewing this weekend. Like 9-13 hrs at a time. Somethings got finished, somethings are progressing at a decent pace and other things are slow going. It feels really good to be able to sew for long amounts of time again. I realize I'm ok if I'm sitting in front of the dehumidifier, it's great!

  • I made my first batch of sun tea this weekend, it was warm enough! Mint with fresh mint from my windowsill! I'm using glass jars that I haven't had a chance to bring to the recycling center and I genuinely like using them better than the pitcher I was using. I cleaned them with some baking soda & vinegar. Perfect!
  • I can't get enough of paper foundation piecing!
  • Cosmo Cricket & Riley Blake fabric. I'm a girl obsessed!
  • I've been making a lot of pizza lately. But its more like flat bread with roasted veggies. Broccoli, tomatoes, a tiny bit of ricotta, spinach, mushrooms, a smidge of lemon...
  • My favorite time of night is around 1-4 am when I read and should be sleeping. I'm currently deep in book 4 of Sookie Stackhouse. Let's just say that I started book one 2-ish days ago. Eep! They are addictive!
  • I'm doing my first craft show this weekend in Redding! I have not a single thing ready for it, as I've been working on some orders...eek! I'm nervous & excited all at once!

I hope your Monday is going well!!!