{~*Gulf Help!*~}

(all images from modern organics fabrics etsy shop)

There is something I've been thinking about a lot since last night.

The Gulf Oil Spill.

More specifically, the birds and animals who will need help. It's migration and breeding season for a variety of species

As a 7 year old watching the news in 1989 during the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, I was a wreck. I didn't understand why my parents wouldn't let me fly up to Alaska and help out. Mind you, I was also the kid who would make paper from scratch in my bedroom past my bedtime & was a subscriber to National Geographic. In the weeks after the oil spill, I was really, really upset about the images that were on the news, in magazines and in the newspapers. Oil covered animals who's only help was humans.

After seeing some images that the oil spill is heading towards land, I realized, hey! I'm NOT 7 anymore! I CAN DO SOMETHING!

I can design and make a mini quilt, auction it and donate 100% of the proceeds to a animal rescue organization. To help with the cleaning of the animals and to help them make it through it ok. I think sometimes in natural disasters animals are an after thought (which is completely understandable, please don't get me wrong!), but this is something I really believe in and want to help!

After tweeting some ideas, I remembered that I'd tweeted yesterday about really loving Beyond The Sea from Cloud9 Fabrics and a plan is hatching! How perfect would it be to make a ocean themed mini quilt, with organic fabrics, auction it off and donate a bit of money to help?!

I purchased a fat quarter set of Beyond The Sea from Modern Organic Fabrics and I'm hoping to get some sketches drawn up next week at some point after I finish up my current obligations.

But I need some help, my reader friends!

How does someone find an ethical organization? How does someone create an auction? Can I use eBay? Do I ask other bloggers/friends to link to my auction?

I really really really want to do this and I think there are some folks out there who really like my mini quilts;  not only would I be able to create a one of a kind mini that someone can love, but I can also help out in my own way. It's a win win situation!

Please feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment! I'm up to my ears in work but I'm going to stay up late keeping an eye on the news, watching the situation as it progresses and researching researching researching!

Have a great Friday folks!