I can't believe it's Sunday!!! It feels like I've wasted an entire week, which of course, I did!!! I hate being sick because then you have to play catch up and everything feels all rushed and disordered.

Thankfully lots of little things have gotten done, for example, modernacorn now has a new shop!! That's so exciting! And you can now click on modernacorn.com!!!!!! How exciting is that?! I'm going to slowly ween away from etsy but I'm going to be constantly updating the new shop, so RSS/bookmark that one! The cart system has been known to oversell, but hopefully it'll go a little better this time! If you could click around and let me know that all the links work, that would be great!

Yesterday was a surprising day! Full of unexpected things! I needed to get out of the house. Badly. I wanted something very cold to drink, lots of tissues and cough drops and I wanted to just sit in the car and be content looking at things through the window. Mr. McPorkchop took me to two thrift stores, sadly, I've completely neglected the thrift store scene here in Eureka! Our friend, Garmin, showed us some and we went exploring. I got a set of vintage pillow cases that look like either bad stone lithos or really great crayon drawings. I took some poor photos of them, but they are hilarious, big ducks, squirrels, bright colors, they are great! I also got two sets of vintage sheets, score!!! One size doesn't fit my bed, so I'm going to upcycle them into pads and bags this week, they are so very pretty! The set that I'm keeping has been printed with a pattern that looks like cross stitches! I love it!

We drove to my favoritest little town, Ferndale California! I got out of the car and walked around. After a week in bed it felt so so so nice to stretch my legs! While walking around of course...

I discovered a darling quilt shop. Itsy Bitsy Quilt Shop!!! Gosh was it *charming*!!!! Tons and tons and tons of Westminster and Free Spirit, lots of Kaffe!!!! I got some gorgeous new fabrics! Lots of beautiful discontinued prints!

While we were in there, Mr. McPorkchop carried my bolts of fabrics around they took photos of him, hilarious!!! I of course, still sick, nose red and raw, was looking less than charming, but I did get asked to donate to the Fortuna High Schools sober grad event! My birdie sling gets lots of attention, which is so very nice. I also was embarrassed to admit that I didn't have a business card on me!!! Small business owners should always carry these! Sheesh!!!

On our way home we caught sight of the most amazing thing ever!!! We somehow caught Great Blue Heron "rush hour", they were all leaving the marsh-y area and heading into the heronry! Seeing twilight and then these large birds flying into these huge trees was amazing!!! They are absolutely gorgeous birds!

This morning I had tons of new fabrics to wash so Mr. McPorkchop & I went to Arcata and had some breakfast with my BFF Aric while our laundry was being done. I wish I had gotten a photo of it but Mr.McPorkchop & I were both wearing jeans tucked into wellies, it was so great!!! I also saw that a little boutique was carrying Heather Ross Munki Munki p.j.s, but they were closed! BOO! But you can bet that I was drooling through the window!

Aric kindly brought me over 3 tablespoons of soy sauce a little while ago, lol. I need some for a recipe, but I'm allergic so I didn't want to buy an entire bottle. Yes, I know I know.

I'm so insanely inspired to get sewing with these new fabrics, so you can expect new pads and bags to be listed to the shop very soon, I'm also plugging right along on custom work too, yeah for being productive!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!