{*Crazy right???*}

The past two days have been *crazy*!!!!

Things are finally starting to break up sinus wise, thankfully, because I seriously was ready to scream! Lots and lots of steaming my face with eucalyptus oil!

So I woke up yesterday and was intent on being super productive and totally was! I got 6, yup, 6 custom orders of over 4 pads in EACH order done and shipped, they came out so so so nice! I got to back two of the orders in organic cotton instead of antipill fleece and I just adore how thin they are! I had an amazing sewing day. Mr.McPorkchop and I went to the beach and watched the storm blow in and played with my camera a bit. It was just shaping up to be an amazing day...but before that, I stayed up super late the night before working on this little pouch!

Am I the only one who is addicted to charming little pouches?!  It took me so so so so long to come up with a good pattern, one with gussets, no visible seams, something simple, but really really nice. I never took sewing classes, so everything I design is self taught, I found some great tutorials, but nothing really struck me, so I spent an entire night sewing, resewing, building, unbuilding, just to come up with a simple pouch! LOL! Thank goodness for .99 cent muslin right?!

I used vintage bed linens, organic cotton, japanese neighborhood fabric for the tag, organic cotton ricrac on the zipper, two vintage laces and the softest velvet EVER! Boy am I pleased with the results and I have a few others cut and ready to be sewn! I also found the best interfacing and I'm really happy with it!

I've added this new little pouch to my shop! I'm going to be adding some new pads and sets of wipes this week too so check back or rss the shop!

SO! Back to my day..the bad news? My amazing day was cut short by, get ready for this, an allergic reaction to *something* so bad that I got to spend my evening in urgent care! Charming right? I had what looked like a really really bad sunburn from my neck down. Not fun. My skin literally felt like it was on fire, I was sweating! Ewwww!!! Today it just looks like red little bumps, which is a lot better. I'm taking steroids for three days, yuck! They say to take them with food or milk, I'm having them with pudding ;) Because you know, pudding is both ;)

Okok, I'm going back to sewing!!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I also have 60+ etsy convos that I'm trying with Mr.McPorkchops help to reply too, if you need something urgently, it might be best to email me directly, modernacorn@gmail.com