So Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week. I'm honestly not sure why! I mean, each day is new and different, but Wednesdays are just my day!!!

Last night I made the most gorgeous lasagna ever. I'm so glad I twitter because I got all my cooking tips from my pals and its so rad having so many people chatting away!

I roasted some veggies, ohhh veggies, I roasted kale, endive, spinach, bella mushrooms, olives, pinole nuts, yellow squash, japanese eggplant...basically, I cleaned out my fridge. I tossed all the veggies together with some super nice evoo, sea salt and black&white fresh pepper. I couldn't stop grabbing the crispy kale pieces and nibbling on them as I was assembling the lasanga! lol! I used some left over homemade marinara sauce that I had tucked in the freezer and some ready to bake whole wheat pasta sheets!

Not the best photo, but you get the idea!!! I love the size of this dish, it was perfect for 6 serving sizes! Rad! Today it tasted better than yesterday, the roasted flavors of the veggies totally came through! YUM!!!

So I have so much to share with you but I don't know where to begin!!!

Well, lets see, the shop is updated with some very pretty new things! I got some very rad mail today, but don't have photos of it yet, so that can wait..hmmm..ok moving on :)

Ok, first off, Shanna, has written a super rad review of my reversible liners!!! Totally check it out because its a really honest review and that's so so so helpful. Lots of people don't talk about cloth, don't want to think about cloth, cloth just eeks them out and thats *totally* understandable so it's nice to see women being open and talking about it! Thank you so much Shanna!

So, I've talked about how I'm doing Oh, Fransson's Quilt-Along right? Well I'm totally torn on fabric choices! People are already starting to post photos in the flickr pool and I'm so over whelmed! I can't decide if I should use fabrics from my stash, scraps or buy some new stuff locally! I know that I don't want to buy a bundle of all the same fabrics, I don't like anything too matchy matchy, but at the same time, THIS IS SCARY STUFF! This is my first full sized quilt folks!!!! These Three Inspire Me! Choices choices choices!!! I totally have tons of great fabrics, but can I make a rad quilt from them? hmmm...remains to be seen!!!!

Ok! I'm off to sew a bit more before bed! Have a great night everyone! Xoxo