I'm happy as a clam these days~!

  • I scored my dream job, I'll be working & teaching some classes at Honey Run Quilters in Chico, CA starting June 7th! If your traveling through Northern California this summer, please stop by!
  • We've planted a garden! Herbs, melons, veggies...it's going to be fantastic!
  • There is a farmers market starting tomorrow only a few blocks away!
  • I've been sewing up a storm, I made a set of pillow cases inspired by Ashley & Brooke's! I made a fabric scrap bucket from Christina's tutorial. I finished my first block for the pollen8 quilting bee!
  • Starting tomorrow I'm going to be updating my etsy shop; I'll be selling some mini quilts, some clutches (see above!), some mug rugs, etc. I'm going to add stuff daily as lighting allows me. I want my photos to look super cute! I'll also have some custom slots open for mini quilts!
  • The goal is to get stuff DONE! Mr. McPorkchop helped me take apart 3 quilts this weekend. I'm completely re-quilting two of them and reworking an entire top on the third. I'm dying to finish up my pinwheel sampler quilts, I'm not a fan of a few of the blocks, so I'm going to redo them!
  • I have two larger quilts that are on my mind, one I started and one that is hanging around in my sketchbook. I think for each hour or two that I work on getting old quilts done, I can work on new quilts ;) Other than that, no new quilts til everything is DONE or completely seam ripped apart.
  • I've finished all 10 books of Sookie! Wowzers. That Eric! How sweet is Sam? And Bill..ohhh I'm not a fan of Bill.
  • This is INCREDIBLE!
  • Yahaira has gotten me hooked on supernatural. I'm getting the first season of dvds via netflix and I'm so anxious to get them each week! Dean is pretty handsome.
  • I'm obsessed with smoothies!

I'm off to take a hot bath & read! This is the summer of reading trash; I want quick & fun reads!

How was your Monday?

P.S. Thank you all SO very much for your kind comments regarding the Circa50 quilt; it really made my day!