It's Sunday.


The week just FLEW by!

I decided tonight that I simply *love* straight line quilting. I'm working on a little something with lines and I'm just in LOVE. When I first started quilting there was a blog post by a blogger who I *really* admire and she mentioned that she just doesn't like straight line quilting and I somehow took that to heart & I've been pushing myself to make the perfect stipples, when in reality, I'm a line kinda gal. Granted; I can stipple, so I'm glad I pushed myself now but the quilts I tend to favorite are either very unique free motion quilting or modern linear patterns. I'm a sucker for heavily quilted & tons and tons of texture. It's nice taking a notion that I took as a "quilting rule" and breaking it. What is gorgeous to someone else might not appeal to me. It's good learning these sort of things. I want to try & contact some of my favorite quilters this week & see if I can use some of their photos to show you what I personally *love* in quilts! This isn't to say that I don't like stippling, I think a quilt "tells" you what kinda of quilting it wants and I'm no longer ignoring the incredible possibilities of lines!

Our garden is coming along nicely, spinach is sprouting and our tomatoes are growing like mad. We spent the day today pre-cooking some stuff for the week. We grilled heads of garlic & baby dutch potatoes. I broke out my new stock pot that my mom gave me a few weeks ago & made a ton of artichokes. I'm obsessed with them!

This week my best friend sort of bullied me into doing some stuff I've been "swearing" I'll do but really just didn't have the confidence to try.

#1: You can now "like" ms. mcporkchop quilts on facebook! I was going to be really excited with ten fans and somehow I already have almost 90! I had no idea 90 people even knew me!!!! I like facebook because I can post sneak peeks to people without all the craziness of flickr!

#2: Etsy! I updated the shop! I'll be updating all week long with some new stuff. The only thing I'm unsure of is how to let people know! I don't want to be "that girl" who only blogs/tweets/facebooks with ads about shop updates. Thats not me. But at the same time, I want people to look at my shop! It'll be interesting finding a good balance!

#3 I've bought msmcporkchopquilts.com! I'll be moving the blog over there soon!!! I'll keep this space up for a little while but once the domain expires, modernacorn will be no more!

I'm driving up to Redding very early in the morning with Mr. McPorkchop to pick up my bike! I'm so excited! I'll be stopping at some quilt shops all the way down 1-5 ;)

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!