{~*Typical Days*~}

A picnic quilt is begging to be made. Actually, it's more like a picnic blanket. I want to sew a bunch of fat quarters together, back them with a pretty sheet & turn & top stitch. Maybe a little layer of thin flannel. Something I can roll up into a ball, stuff in the backseat, give it a quick shake and have an impromptu picnic. In all my favorite colors of course!

A good friend who was repaired and made it through the wash safely. It's a shocker that he'll be turning 28 in August! ;)

Finally de-mystifying zippers. I've used them zillions of times but it's always been a struggle. This was my first painless zipper. I have no idea what went differently, I just know it wasn't a hassle!

Hanging up my thread rack. It looks so empty and sad compared to it's previous glory! But this means I can fill it back up slowly ;)

An accident that will be seam ripped & re-built.

A new & fun hobby for nights in front of the History Channel! It's something about the texture that makes me so happy. All those little bumps to touch!

On Friday Mr. McPorkchop & I are going on a trip!

It's my first full weekend off in a verryyyyy long time. I've been spending more time with my sewing machine than my husband and while he never complains, some work-free time together is much needed. We are going CAMPING!!!!!! My goal of the week is to finish one big custom sewing order, plus a custom quilt (I want the top completely done) and maybe a picnic blanket. I'm going to sit by the camp fire & cross stitch & if I can find soy-free marshmallows, I'm making smores!!! Maybe we'll have some 2 Buck Chuck even!!!! I'm tempted to download one of those night sky apps for my iPhone so I can star gaze. We have various bird apps for the iPhone/iPod touch and they are great fun!

Today I'm working (shocker) but I'm also hoping to catch up on making my summer goals list. Something about summer makes me more motivated to make life changes than the first of the year.

Do you have any summer goals? Any favorite foods to bring camping?!