{*~Snapshots of a Monday~*}

*sometimes I buy bits of fabric from JoAnns. Why do they print cute designs on such lousy base cloth? Also, really guys? $10.99 for strike offs/mill ends of Alexander Henry...when you can go to any quilt shop and buy the real stuff for around $9? This was on sale for 50% off..but sheesh!

*I cut a quilt for a shop sample on Friday night...it's halloween. I seriously couldn't stop myself. HALLOWEEN!!!!! I feel like I can't shout that loud enough. Obviously it's a 5 & Dime...the focus fabric? Yeah...it's BATS. I sketched how I'll quilt it...but it's currently hung on the design wall at work...I have other projects to finish first!

*Finally succeeded in making a bias skirt. All the gals at work wear them and they are SO cute. Mine kept coming out...weird. I traced a new pattern on some swedish tracing paper yesterday while doing housework and in between hard boiling some farm eggs & laundry, I finally whipped it up & it WORKED!!!! I was using too much elastic before and thinking my body was a *lot* larger than it really is. This one could still use a little trimming from the sides but I think it's cuuuuute. Plus...OWLS!!!! I can't wait to break into my liberty stash for more of these!

A few things I can't stop obsessing over:

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far!!!