I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. I'm trying to find an allergist locally, preparing for a craft show, trying to finish up a custom quilt, get caught up on bee blocks, work on swaps, work at the quilt shop, plus earn an income to pay my bills, get my medicine ($1,000 a month...barf) and stick a tiny bit in my savings. I need an extra ten hours in a day!

I know I can do it...or at least most of it. But it's really testing my patience right now!!!! I hate feeling behind and when I start to fall behind...the vicious cycle of catch up begins. I know I should start saying "no" more often, but I really want to please people! Super bad right?! I need to bow out of a few projects I think. Maybe do some seam ripping this weekend and add some fabrics back to my stash, I take these kinda weeks to weed out quilts and whatnot that I'm feeling "meh!" about...it's good to do some fabric gardening every now and again!

I keep finding myself SO inspired and LOVING IT but HATING lack of time! Crazy right?! I have my sewing space completely clean, my fabric collection is pretty much epic...I can't ask for more, when I sew I like the stuff I'm making, I've discovered a few palettes and techniques I've loved exploring...it's like everything is aligned...except time!

Here are a few things I'm *so* inspired by lately!

I hope your having a good week so far! <3!