{*~Oregon Star~*}

It's Saturday night & I've just finished cleaning our bedroom & starting one of many loads of laundry. Very glamorous right?

Earlier this week I cleaned my sewing space.

Things were starting to pile up & it was driving me batty. I went through projects and seam ripped many, shelved a few, purged several. Amongst the piles were several mini quilts.

My favorite part of quilting is that actual quilting process, I put on my favorite music, depending on the mood of the quilt this can be anything from Metallica, The Who, Paul McCartney, Rilo Kiley to Guns and Roses (a personal favorite), and just quilt quilt quilt. Sometimes I quilt several small quilts, sometimes just one. And then they marinate. See, I hate making binding. I don't mind sewing binding on, I love the hand sewing bit, but actually making binding? Barf. I'd rather stick hot pokers in my eyes.

But this little gem had been sitting too long and too many of my favorite t.v. shows were on that night...I feel guilty watching tv without my hands keeping busy. So 2 tv shows later....

Oregon Star was done!

Oregon Star is a traditional quilt block, foundation pieced with a total of 64 pieces, not including the backing or binding. The mini is a 12x12 inch square. It took me about 2 days to piece, mostly because I fussy cut and really took my time, with that many pieces the seams can get bulky fast, so lots and lots of trimming took place. And a fair amount of seam ripping, with something so precise, the slightest "oops" was really visible. And there are still a few mistakes, but nothing that bugged me enough to re-do.

One thing I used that I *loved* was Carol Doak's foundation paper. You can buy it anywhere, your local quilt shop, online, JoAnns. I bought mine at Scottie Dog Quilts in Eureka. Basically, it's the best paper to run through your printer and sew with.

Another thing I used with the binding was Thread Heaven. I bought it two weekends ago & I'm obsessed with it. It's a small little box and you just drag your thread through it. I'm the type of person who whether I'm hand sewing or cross stitching, I use too long of threads and then complain when they tangle into a mess. This stuff? No problem! No tangles ONCE. That is a miracle! I believe I paid $3.99 for it and I don't think I'll use it up anytime soon.

I am debating putting this little number on etsy. I love this quilt, don't get me wrong, but the response was overwhelming and I want to make someones day by selling it. I tend to keep mini quilts until I'm bored with them, then I shove them in a box and forget about them. Bad bad bad! I'm just not sure how on earth to price it since it took forever!!!

I hope your weekend is going well, Mr. McPorkchop & I saw Despicable Me and absolutely loved it...SO cute!!!!


I've bit the bullet and listed the mini on etsy!