(porkchop will kill me & most likely make me take down this photo of him without a hat on..enjoy it while it lasts ;))

listening: NCIS marathon on t.v. eating: some spinach lasagna drinking: diet hansens ginger ale..spicy goodness. wearing: paint splattered cut off sweat pants & a tank top...it's laundry & cleaning day here. feeling: tired even though I slept 13 hrs. Maybe a little overwhelmed as well. weather: as Porkchop's uncle Ryan would say "It's a hundred & f*ck" wanting: to finish cleaning the bedroom & read before bed! needing: a new rotary cutting mat!!! And flip flops...mine got melted by sticking my feet too close to a bonfire. thinking: about tomorrow nights midnight showing of Despicable Me! Don't the minions look like little tater tots?! Also hoping that our date includes In & Out...I'm craving a grilled cheese animal style! enjoying: Being busy & lots of fun projects. Knowing that I get to see Porkchop tomorrow! wondering: If I can get all my custom sewing finished by Sunday. One more baby quilt & I'm done & it's on to prepping for a craft show, finishing up some swaps & working on bee blocks!

Things have been quiet around here but really not quiet at all. I've been working quite a bit at the quilt shop and getting into trouble with my partner in crime, Dorrie. Spending the mornings sewing before work, then working all day, spending the nights working on some patterns & projects.

Last weekend we attempted to go camping but it was FREEZING and by that I mean there was still snow on the ground and we woke up in our tent covered in frost. So we came home, but went through Lava Beds National Monument. I love the landscape of this area SO much. I attempted to go into one cave but wimped out...then I attempted another and got a little ways in. Caves are kinda terrifying. I did get a sweatshirt to prove that I was there ;)

On our way home we stopped at one of my favorite quilt shops, TaterPatch I got some *really* great prints, if you've been searching for Neptune, Lush (the paint chips!!!) Chocolate Lollipop, Uptown, etc, give them a call. They had some fq towers of wonderland...I almost got one, but got some other treats instead. Maybe we'll head up around my bday ;)

A few tidbits:

I'm writing up a blog post of my 3 most inspiring quilt books and filming a video blog post...so I'll be back soon!

I hope everyone is having a great summer!

(thanks to tina for the currents idea!)