{*~Moving On~*}

Wow. I can't believe how many kind comments & emails I got after my last post. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like the internet community of quilters is kinda surreal.

I've made some summertime rules/goals for myself and sticking to them has felt a lot better. I'm becoming really good at saying no. At turning off my phone. No emails or anything on the weekends. At being more "present" when spending time with Porkchop. Taking time for me & being more kind to myself. I'm going to of course keep blogging & flickring, but only when I want too, I'm not a blogger who makes money off of it so it makes sense to just do it when it's fun!

We've spent the weekends getting into all sorts of trouble....day trips, laying in the sun, bike rides, visits to the mountains (there was still snow!), going to the movies....our thing is going to the movies first thing on Friday morning...it's only $5 to get in and we sneak in diet cherry limeaids! So far we've seen Toy Story 3 (I cried nonstop), MacGruber (dreadful), A-Team (Bradley Cooper? Wowzers!!! ;)) We are trying something new & going to a midnight viewing on Thursday for Knight & Day.

HEY, did you guys know Klean Kanteens are made in Chico?! I had no idea! I stopped by their warehouse the other morning before work and picked up a bottle for myself, Porkchop & Porkchops dad. I also got a bike rack! I have a little project I've been working on with these bottles in mind that I'm excited to show you once I get caught up on swaps & orders. Plus I have a little shop update coming up soon!

Also: This bike...ohhh how I love it. I bought it on a whim in Eureka but never really rode it much...lately all I want to do is ride!!! It's kinda like a beach cruiser but with gears and front brakes. I'm not going to lie, part of me is wondering if I can paint it. I don't like the stickers and whatnot on it.

I've been insanely inspired by Castle Peeps! It's really a fun line to play with. If you know me, you'll be surprised by this: I bought ONE!!! and a HALF YARDS of my favorites from the line. I'm strictly a fat quarter girl and this line...wowzers. So much cute potential!!! I'm debating buying this cute pdf and making some boxers for Porkchop & I...can you imagine how many cute shorts can be made from Castle Peeps?!!!! Eeep!

I hope your summer is starting on a kind note...I'm all about the sunshine...and I have the tan to prove it ;)