{*~Warm & Gooey~*}

I can feel it in the air folks...fall is coming.

I drove around town tonight for some fresh air and the breeze had the leaves blowing and they sounded crisp and ready to fall. I guess the heat is breaking & tomorrow it's going to be in the 80s...woo!!!! I want a halloween quilt for my couch so bad it's KILLING ME!!!!!!

I'm doing some crazy stuff lately. Making new friends. Joining a gym. Giving up caffeine. Knitting up a fierce storm. Reading the first two books of Hunger Games. Updating my shop with excitement thanks to everyones extremely kind & positive comments in my last post..it's amazing what a few kind words from friends can do for you! Applying to craft shows like, EVERY weekend this fall. Writing PATTERNS!!! Just staying busy to keep my mind off of missing Porkchop.

One of the hard things about working from home is it's very easy to get wrapped up in being alone in your mind. I am very outgoing person and will pretty much talk to anyone but at home it's very easy for me to get lost in my own mind...you know how your sewing and suddenly you realize half of the day has gone by and you've been daydreaming & zoning out?! Well, I do that except as I'm sewing suddenly I have ideas how to make everything BIGGER! BETTER! CUTER! RADDER! And I have to ACT on those ideas, like NOW! NOW NOW NOW! So when I say I'm overwhelmed, I'm just overwhelmed by myself & my own ideas...it's not really a bad thing but sometimes I want something simple! And small! Just to feel like I've accomplished something neat!

So I calmed down (barely), drew a block idea, pulled some fabric and made myself a little shoo fly mug rug. In less than 2 hours...even when hand bound and without thangles! It feels great! I need to practice my stitch in the ditch quilting, but nothing makes me happier than crisp, clean, straight lines and having everything line up perfectly, it makes me feel like maybe my obsession is paying off ;)

I do turn simple things into major undertaking and I can *totally* admit that. I have two swaps I'm working on right now, one for Jeni and one for Christina both girls spoiled me absolutely rotten and are just fantastic inspirations to me and I want to make them incredibly amazing things, it's like my way to show them how much I think they are great! But I am slower than HECK because my ideas just keep GROWING!!! I finally cut into some fabric and made a little bit of progress on either gals package but I swear, it's like I'm molasses! At the rate I'm going, summer swaps will be Christmas gifts, which isn't fair to them! So I need to buck up, stick with it, don't wander off and get them some cute stuff in the mail!

SOOO! ALSO! I joined a gym!!!! I need a way to get out of the house, let my mind wander, physically tire myself out at night so I won't stress before bed and help my asthma, all at once! It's been fun! The first day was...interesting. It was nice & cool in the gym, I did the elliptical, walked outside, got to my car and threw up everywhere. Awkward! Second day was better, I was able to work out 4 minutes longer (thats a big deal) and didn't throw up (bonus point!) third day (today) was kinda blah, I was a little sore from yesterday so I didn't feel comfortable working out really hard & getting all my excess energy out of my system. But still, 3 days in a row! That's great! Tomorrow I won't be able to go, as I'm working!

If your in the Northern California area, come on up to Chico tomorrow! The quilt shop is having their annual yard sale at 8 am! It's a giant fabric sale outside and then inside we have all our batiks for 35% off! I have to be there at 6:30am to help set up...eeep! So exciting!

My first week without the Porkchop has been ok. I've already received one absurdly mushy card that had me crying. We've planned to spend Labor Day weekend together & are going on a top secret day trip adventure. Lots of texting & emails have been happening. I'm even talking on the phone. If you know me, you know I hateeeee talking on the phone. House phone rings here? Answering machine. Cell phone rings? Whatever, I never even set up voicemail. At work? Run away until someone yells at me to answer it (I'm only sorta kidding on that one ;)) The other morning we chatted on the phone so long I was convinced I had a kink in my neck. Oh Porkchop! You kill me!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

PS: Big Thank You!!! To fatquarterly magazine for interviewing me! You can check out my interview here

PSS: Are you liking my extreme openness lately? I've decided I don't like blogs where I feel like they are secretly written by robots, so my new goal is to write more about personal stuff! How can you make new pals if you don't know each other?!