We are 9 days into September and I'm already having a blast. It got off to a rocky start, my first weekend back with Porkchop he was sick & we had to cancel a weekend trip to San Francisco. Bummer right? We spent the long weekend relaxing, taking benedryl, one of us cross stitching (guess who) and watching the X-Files. I've never watched that show & I'm not going to lie, it's scary. Like, I can't watch it before bed anymore. I might be a bit of a weenie ;) Yet I love it and can't get enough!!!!

I've been working on some top secret projects that are seriously a blast but it's killing me that I can't flickr/blog about them! I want to share and have fun >:( My blog might be seriously sparse for a bit and I apologize for that!

Here's what I'm obsessing about:

  • This organizer. I am deathly afraid of moths, they are hauntingly beautiful and scary all at once. I'd be jazzed if it held my growing collection of embroidery floss. But moths. Blech!
  • I got this and I love love love love love it! ecofriendly + rad = best! I have the pumpkin one!
  • Actually...all things Halloween are amazing. I want to surround myself in orange and black. In fact, I'm getting close. Let's just say that tonight I bought BAT leggings and halloween argyle slipper socks. And I have black & glitter toe nails. I have a tacky side and I'm totally embracing it.
  • A new batter bowl. I've been baking nonstop. And loving it.
  • The VERY first rainfall yesterday. It was a small cloud burst but it still got me excited.
  • The pomegranate orchard across the street is full of the prettiest fruits EVER.
  • I treated myself to my first pumpkin spice latte yesterday! And I baked banana bread. So really, I was feeling fall-ish!
  • Sewing with scraps. Instant gratification sewing. It's really really awesome to make something from the smallest bits and pieces. Normally 70% of what I sew I never post/share but these little wonky projects I love. They are low pressure and 100% for myself. Trying new stuff without worrying about a ton of time + cost of materials. It's like shooting from the hip!
  • The gym! I love love love it. When I feel myself starting to get stressed and feeling overwhelmed, I'm going and working out. It's *really* helping.
  • My cloth shop. I love love love how many positive emails I've been getting lately, I've been motivating me to do more more more with it!
  • And finally, this blog post.

Tomorrow morning I'm attempting....pj pants. Thick & cozy flannel ones. It's not quite cold enough for them (at all) but I'm hoping to give them a shot!

:) Hope everyone is having a great start to September!