It might seem a bit extreme or over dramatic but this makes my heart hurt with happiness. I learned so much this morning and I can partake in fall & farmers markets again.

I've been wanting to try canning for AGES. But I was kinda scared. I didn't want to take the time in case I couldn't eat it because of my allergies or it wouldn't work. It's literally been *years* since I've been able to eat fresh fruit. I miss going to the store and buying whatever I want. I miss going to farmers markets & breaking into a bag of pears on the drive home. I miss apple picking in the fall. It genuinely bums me out.

But you know what? I tried canning. And it worked. No mouth itching. No hives. No inhaler. Nothing. I did keep the temperature a little higher than the recipe suggests  (240 degrees) & added all the fruit at once so the proteins would break down at the same rate.

There are still some fruits/veggies I can't eat, but knowing I can add plums/pluots back into my life makes me positively gleeful.

I'm off to bake a tart with my leftovers.