{*~Hi There~*}

I'm having an unexpected out of my control day off from sewing....

So I've been knitting Oatmeal, which I'm working on with Kaye & doing some cross stitching. I forgot that I had Harry Potter on my ipod, so I've been listening to PoA on it. That Jim Dale is really fantastic! Thankfully I have Yahaira on gchat to help me with knitting questions. See the little bit of halloween goodness under my hoop? I made the cutest padded pouch for my hoop & scissors!

Can I share with you guys some super exciting stuff?

Firstly, I'm going to Pacific International Quilt Festival! I'll be working at Honey Run Quilters booth & I'd love love love if it if you guys came by and said hi!!!!

Secondly, YAHAIRA AND RANGSIWAN ARE COMING TO SEE ME! They are renting a house in Chico for a few days after PIQF, we'll be taking a class at the shop together and I'll be showing them around Northern California!

Thirdly, It's my first wedding anniversary on Halloween weekend!!! I'll be unplugging everything and heading up to Mt. Shasta/Ashland with Mr. McPorkchop for a long weekend. We are SO excited!

So basically October is going to be a ton of traveling and working! It's going to be SO great.

A few of my favorite things:

  • Haven! This show! It's killing me! I'm SO hooked! And Covert Affairs! Both of them!
  • This comic. So true. I'd rather be late than rush and have something be ugly.
  • The colors in this post...I really would *love* orange pillow cases!
  • I want one of these! I'm an obsessive iron/starch-er.
  • I've organized my google reader. I realize reading fabric blogs 24/7 was starting to both under & overwhelm me so I've added a "friends" folder...now each day I can see what my friends are up too and ignore the rest. And if I'm looking for inspiration, I added a folder for that too! And cooking blogs. And photography blogs. Would you think I was crazy if I told you I subscribe to over 1,500 blogs? So organizing them has made things muchhhh easier!
  • My husband treated me to a fun amazon purchase...a large canning pot, rack, funnel and pectin! I can't wait for it to arrive. It ended up being around $35 in total CHEAPER to buy it online...crazy!
  • I realllllllly want one of these to wear Halloween night!
  • Trader Joe's Chai Latte mix...I loooooove it. I look forward to having a hot mug every morning. It's completely stopped my starbucks habit. It's *that* delish.
  • I read this on Sunday and at first I was kinda...meh! But then it got really good!

Today was a fluke. I think tomorrow will be a "not sewing day" either but once I'm back to sewing, be prepared for me to go missing for a few weeks!!!!

What are you going to be for Halloween?