Last night, when everything for the day was done and all was quiet, I dug my featherweight, Bee, out from her bag. I grabbed a little tv tray, you know the little small folding tables? I went to the garage for a folding chair. I put my favorite Halloween place mat on the tray and Bee went on top of that. In my bedroom. Next to my bed. With some pumpkin spice candles and my little moon lamp. I made two bobbins of aurifil...a lilac variegated blend. Something better than white or cream. Watched two episodes of Pushing Daisies.

And I sewed.

I finger pressed. I grabbed fabrics at random from my little pyrex dish. I wished I had Chuck's wardrobe. I did a tiny bit of thinking. Instead of just chain piecing I finished a few blocks...just to see if I'd like them. The Christmas episode of the show came on and Chuck was outside talking to her bees. Her little outfit inspired me.

Swiss Miss Quilt. Rich chocolate-ly browns, pops of linen & whipped cream, burgundy rich reds, hints of pine tree green. Something warm and cozy. I said goodbye to the blues and have plans for more darks.

Fabric that was a gift from Mr. McPorkchop. Fabric that I'd been saving for quite some time. A mishmash of things. Some that go together well, some that don't at all. Either way, it's going to be fun to sew, fun to cuddle under and for us this winter. Or next winter. I might need to buy or trade for some more prints but I'm in no rush to finish...I'm just enjoying the process of making simple blocks that showcase fabric.

Sometimes a name just pulls everything together :)

pattern here