{~*Bye September!*~}

Most of September was spent here. In this nook. Sewing away. 12 deadlines. All done & submitted. A few need a tiny bit more finishing details.

One morning I woke up early and drove over to Colusa for new tires on our SUV.

Saw some big cows!!!!

Miles & miles of orchards. Walnuts, plums, peaches, almonds, apricots, pomegranates and more!!!!!

This is rice. Tons and tons of rice checks. See how it's yellow-y? Last month it was the brightest green ever. This is because...

It's rice harvest time!!!!

But first...

PRUNE SEASON! Their harvest was just finishing up as I went by, Sunsweet has a bunch of dryers in the area. These photos are from the River Bend Dryer...if you were wondering.

Tons and tons of prunes. Zillions really.

Ever wonder how fruit is dried? (A prune is simply a plum that has been dried...they use a special variety)

It goes into giant tunnels that are like scary ovens.

That is heat. And scary. And hot. And about 20 feet in the air above me. There are giant fans in the tunnel that move the heat around. All the fruit has to dry or it will mold. It's intense!

So September was filled with great adventures and lots of fun sewing. Next up?


...and boy am I JAZZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!