{*~Swiss Miss~*}

I've been making some progress on my Swiss Miss quilt. I had a sew day last week with some great friends, I ended up getting 50 blocks done that day! They are easy peasy and so very fun to piece!

It's neat to look & see where I started. This was my original bundle. I got rid of the blues and a few of the greens. I added a few more browns.

I'm at 70 blocks and I'd like to continue to collect some fabrics and make a few more. I might trade for some new prints. Maybe see what I can find at the quilt show in Santa Clara?! I don't want to make it TOO big, Porkchop has offered to pay for it to be long arm quilted for me as a Christmas gift, I'd rather it not cost an arm & leg. There is a local long arm gal who quilted a tree skirt in an amazing dense snowflake pattern that I think would be incredible!

I'm not going to lie, I'm debating backing it with minky. I know, I know, I can hear ya'll groaning. But I want the most amazingly soft & snuggly quilt ever. And every time I walk by the bolts at work, I touch them. I love love love how it feels. And we have the prettiest brown that would match beautifully. Imagine a big quilt, backed with that stuff, with wool or silk batting?! It sounds GREAT. My backup plan is simply Kona Crush. Boring. ;)

A few things:

  • I'm going to have the largest modernacorn update that I've done EVER this week. I'll let you know once everything is listed!
  • I'm obsessed with these mugs! And even better, THIS ONE! I really want a new mug. I own two mugs, a starbucks one and a handmade one. I drink tea/coffee all day. Sometimes BOTH mugs are in the wash and I'm stuck using an ugly mug that doesn't belong to me. Basically, I'm try to justify a new one ;) Plus they sell cinnamon bun & pumpkin spice coffee.
  • I'm getting ready to bake these cookies, but with walnuts.
  • So I've received 15 packages in the past week. And I brought them all home in a big tote bag from the post office. And then I LOST the tote. I know it's somewhere in the house but I can't find it. I also lost 2 lbs of grapes today too. I'm 99% sure there is a mean gnome stealing my stuff. He's opening my mail, listening to my quilt jams & eating grapes. Jerk.

Alright pals, I'm off to make some cookie dough and do some cleaning. Maybe make a new french press cozy with a few more bits of scrap wool!