{*~Five Senses~*}

Inspired by Abby

Tasting: Warm whole wheat spinach lasagna & diet Hansens ginger ale with a splash of Pimms.

Smelling: The flowers out side the window. Burning brush piles.

Feeling: A tad rundown. A whole bunch of excitement. A smidgen of worry.

Hearing: The new Belle & Sebastian album...it's streaming on NPR!

Seeing: The sunset from my window. The pomegranate orchard being hand harvested.

A few notes:

  • Tomorrow will be a very big modernacorn update. I have more items than my shop can list so as things sell out, I'll be listing new things. I'll have some pad bags that are VERY cute. I've been emailed by several folks saying that today for an update didn't really work for them which is good because I'm feeling a little under the weather, I'll update the shop on Friday, Oct. 22 :)
  • Safeway has started selling the glitter flowers again. I think these are mums? They spray them with glitter and it really really makes me happy.
  • Tonight is the season finale of Haven. I've fallen hard for this show. Oh Nathan & Duke...wow.
  • I had a celebration last night...2 big pieces of good news resulted in confetti & dinner out. And staying up until past midnight listening to the hum of my printer and folding tons of paper. Drinking coffee. Laughing.
  • For some reason I'm not in "love" with any new lines of fabric. Dare I say this? I'm fabric-ed out! I'd rather buy from indie designers on spoonflower or Japanese linens. But spoonflower has it's flaws and Japanese fabric is Oi! So expensive to ship!!! So I guess I'm saving my pennies for a rain-y day!
  • Fall means major cleaning. I've washed my bedding, sweaters, cleaned my closet, flipped my mattress and foam pad, vacuumed and more. Tomorrow I'm changing up the art on my walls.
  • Starbucks has these incredibly cute Halloween tumblers. They have purple and sparkles and cute illustrations. I want one really really bad. I might ride my bike there on Sunday and treat myself to a new one.

Have a Happy Friday Pals!