{~*Oh Hey!*~}

The month of October has seriously flown by. So much has happened. So much excitement!

Pacific International was one of the most amazing things ever for me. I got to meet a lot of fantastic people, meet some incredibly kind blog readers and some people who I've always admired. It was also an incredible amount of work. By the time the end of the day was happening, my mind was spinning. I somehow got dehydrated on day 2 and boy...not fun. My ankles looked like elephant trunks. I'd brought flip flops for the car ride down and dansko clogs to wear at the show...I wore my flip flops every day because my feet wouldn't smush into my clogs. Classy right?

I have a few photos and some thoughts on the show that I'll share at a later date for sure. I'm still trying to process everything I saw. I can't even imagine the work that goes into the folks who leave PIQF and head to Houston. Insanity. You spend the entire time, on your feet, talking to people about fabric for so long. Then you drag your ass up to your hotel room, sleep, do it all over again but I wouldn't change a thing about it! I loved coming back to the hotel room & chatting with the girls!

One thing I wish I'd be prepared for was how physically exhausted you are at the end of the day. Jenny & Matt came by the hotel one night for drinks and I showed up in my pjs & was falling asleep. Then as soon as the show was over, I got back to Gridley at 2 am slept until 6:30 am and drove up to Chico for my crafty retreat with Yahaira & Rangsiwan. That was *totally* poor planning on my part. I spent our entire time together distracted, exhausted and not a very good host. I feel so bad, especially since they drove 4 hrs up & Yahaira flew across the country. I had no idea I'd be so tired, I feel like the worst person ever. I got back to Gridley on Wednesday and crashed. It has been nonstop sleeping, napping and generally being a couch lump since then, my bed has never felt SO good!

It's also been over a month since I've seen Porkchop and it's R O U G H. I only spoke on the phone with him twice during my PIQF/Crafty trip time. Ouch. The 30th marks our one year of marriage though! We are going away for a long weekend...unplugging everything and just spending time together in Mt. Shasta & Ashland. It's going to be SO nice to see him. I'm going to hug him and not let go for sure. Then he only has two months and we will be together again!!!!!! Plus some of that time is Thanksgiving break! WOO!!!!!!!

Here's some fun stuff:

  • Pad shop is going to be updated nonstop starting Tuesday. I got a bolt of fleece I was waiting on & spent the day yesterday washing it & sticking it back on the bolt. I'll have bags, liners, overnights & more. I'm not shipping until FRIDAY, so if you check out more than once, I'm combining shipping.
  • Honey Run Quilters is having it's annual Holiday craft fair! It's Thursday & Friday 10-4. We all are bringing cute stuff that we've made & some of our shop samples! It's a great time to buy some Christmas gifts, including quilts!!! Come by & say hi!
  • If you are in the Northern California area, I'll be vending at the 24th Annual Colusa Holiday Craft Faire at the Colusa Fairgrounds on November 20-21st!
  • The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery will be releasing our Holiday/Winter themed patterns very soon! Check out the interview that Ashleigh gave them...and the charming photo of us eating deep fried twinkies a few summers ago ;) We thank you so much for all your kind words & support :) It's not to late to stitch up some candy corn or make a pumpkin table runner!

I'm getting excited for Halloween! Last year during our honeymoon we had a very late dinner in Mt. Shasta and watched a gorgeous couple dressed in Western apparel ride their horses to the local bar's Halloween party...where they met up with more friends on horseback! There was something so awesome about seeing them do that! It makes me want a horse even more than I already do.

Are you dressing up?!