I'm not really a contest kind of girl but  ya'll know how much I freaking ADORE Halloween!!!!

I'd love love LOVE it if you could spread this around and help me win!


My entry is the above quilt, "Halloween Mug Rug"!!!!!

I'm spending the day running errands, baking and doing laundry. Very similar to yesterday. I knew I was feeling a little under the weather but decided to sew anyways. I was pushing some thick fabric under my presser foot and hit the foot pedal a little too hard & sewed right through my finger nail. It's the first time I've done it on this machine, I did it once before on my Brother. It hurts either way. The nail is a little black & blue this morning, I'm hoping it doesn't do something gross like fall off. ;)

A few notes:

  • The shop is *filled* to the brim with new stuff. And I mean FILLED. I'm shipping orders placed on Tuesday!
  • It's my one year wedding anniversary this weekend. Porkchop is coming home TONIGHT. It's been over a freaking MONTH since I've seen him. I'm unplugging my computer/leaving my phone at home/etc. If you have any questions/comments/etc I won't be around til Tuesday!
  • Download the new Holiday Issue of fat quarterly! I have a pattern in it and so does my talented and wonderful pal Kaye! Plus I'm dying to stitch the yeti that Nicole drew up!
  • Today is the last day of the Holiday Craft Faire at HRQ! Swing by the shop & pick up some treats! We are located on the Esplanade in Chico!

I swear this month has freaking FLOWN by! Soon it will be CHRISTMAS. CHRISTMAS!!!!! How crazy is THAT?!

Have a great weekend and THANKS FOR VOTING!!!