Thanks so much to everyone that voted! Unfortunately I didn't win! In fact...I didn't even come close! But thats a-ok, I was excited that everyone was kind enough to vote for me!

Porkchop & I had a nice anniversary. The best part? Us renting How to Train Your Dragon on Amazon, me falling asleep and drooling on his shoulder. I'm not talking about a tiny bit, I'm talking about a ton. Gross huh? Nothing says love like drool right?!

Today I managed to bake my first loaf of sandwich bread and it came out surprisingly great. I used this recipe. I had some as toast with a little honey almond butter & it toasted beautifully.

I'm pretty excited, I found a great new milk today, Silk brand Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. It's VERY hard to find chocolate products that aren't processed with soy and this stuff isn't! I loved it in granola this morning, I'm going to try some overnight oats with it tonight. I'm thinking it'll be great to bake with!

Speaking of baking, ya'll would have a fit if you saw my bed right now. I have literally 15 magazines all sprawled out everywhere with notes, post its, highlighter marks in various spots. I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year and I'm jazzed. I'm hoping Porkchop will kill a turkey, if not we are going to buy a heirloom variety from a local co-op. Then it's ON. I have side dishes, stuffing, gravy, desserts to pick! SO many options!!!!! I have *big* plans.

Did you see Yellow Owl Workshop in the newest issue of Sunset? Seriously, this magazine just keeps getting better & better.

I'm going to a private applique class on Friday taught by a really really talented lady. I've picked out some japanese fabrics to play around with that I'm excited to use...lots of nani iro, some daiwabo, a few cottons... It's interesting to see a persons style, know that it's not really something your drawn too, but learn the technical skills to make it your own. I truly believe that the foundation of *any* type of quilting really begins with good technical skills. You can't break the rules until you learn the basics.

One thing about the applique class...POT LUCK! I love a good pot luck, mainly because it's an excuse to try new recipes...my plan is to make an egg nog cheesecake with candied cashews. I have a great springform pan from Sur La Table a few years ago & I've only used it once..it's time to remedy that!

Here's a sneak peek of one of the holiday themed cross stitches Ash has been working on. Seriously cute right?! Obviously the background isn't blue but the color of your cloth :)

Any goals for November? I have a big craft show to sew for and last week I sold the last of my "in stock" full size quilts, so I need to get on it and sew sew sew! I'll have an entire WEEK with Porkchop, SO excited. I'm going to teach him how to knit..he picked a skein of Puffin by Quince & Co. I'm not really sure what is making him want to knit or if he'll change his mind, but I'm excited!

My goals? Finish swiss miss quilt, knit a hat, knit a pair of arm warmers, get winter art hung in our bedroom, get flannel sheets on the bed (It was almost 80 degrees here today! Oi!), take a weeks vacation & catch up on sleep!