{*Secrets Revealed!*}

Ok! Well, its time to spill my guts!!! If you follow me on twitter you know my secret...but...

Mr. McPorkchop & I are screen printing at home!!! Soooo excited!!! We have hemp grocery totes and organic cotton produce bags on their way, as well as a whole slew of drawings! YAYAYYY!!!!

We were going to do a traditional set up using this new line of ecofriendly silkscreen supplies we've been planning this for about 6-9 months but I've been on the limb about the whole thing, the space needed for an exposing unit, the fact that we are extremely tight on space in general was a huge thing. We've been researching, researching, researching. Plus our home is extremely humid and I was worried the screens would never ever dry and we wouldn't have a place to stash them so they could be left alone. >:(

When I first saw the info for yudu I was a little on the edge. I should probably mention that I took printmaking for 5 years in college and took less than half a semester of silkscreening before deciding that college wasn't for me right now, but I fell in love with silkscreen. I love all printmaking in general, although admittedly, I'm poor at it and a better painter. But I love love love it. But yudu seemed kinda...meh to me. I was worried it was going to be a shoddy way of bringing silk screen to the masses and undermining silk screen artists in general. But thats a different rant for a different time ;)

Then it kinda started making more and more sense, less space, all in one unit, ecofriendly, no harmful chemicals, did I mention less space?! So we took the plunge and got one!

Ordering the unit was no problem, I bought it online at JoAnns for 40% off plus shipping. It was supposed to arrive today, but showed up early on Wednesday. No problem! We found a super rad table locally at Arcata Exchange, hilariously when we tried to put the table in our vehicle, I tried to remove the sunshade and ended up conking myself in the head, losing my glasses and giving myself a goose egg!!!Yay!!! >:(

The real fiasco has been supplies. My local JoAnns doesn't carry them, which makes sense, its a small JoAnns. So on the 27th of February I ordered every available color of ink, emulsion remover, stop out, registration panels, the whole shabang from JoAnns store front on amazon.com! Randomly starting on the 4th of March, I started getting refund notices. Essentially, they were selling items they never had in stock. :( So amazon gives me 15% off my next purchase...excluding yudu. Wait? What? So I called JoAnns and got the run around, all I'd like is a rain check, I got the supplies for 40% off, they over sold them and/or never had them in stock in the first place, so I don't think its too unreasonable to ask for a rain check, can you tell I've been reading a lot of the Consumerist? After being extremely polite and biting my tongue, I got the rain check, but they have no idea when the supplies will ever be in stock again. I look online *daily* and it appears most sites only have pre-order options or prices through the roof (double retail + shipping). I sent an email to Provo Craft asking if and when the supplies will be available mainstream. I've read on various sites Michaels is supposed to be carrying it in mid-March as well. No response from them. I don't mind waiting for supplies at all, but it seems silly that they sell the kit with no emulsion remover! Odd right? Since I have a ton of silkscreen ink here, I might try printing with my own ink, they say not too, but I might be willing to give it a go.

Once we test print and get a feel for it, I'll write a review and compare it to print gocco and traditional silkscreen to the best of my ability!

I'm the most excited about being able to print my own fabrics. I have yards and yards of organic cottons here that are just dying to be printed on! YAY!!!!

Also, I think I've been spending too many days up late and pushing myself because I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick again..booo!!!! I was up all night working on building our table plus sewing custom orders. So today I got through 75 emails and etsy convos, but I still have about 15 more etsy convos to get too, so please please pretty please be patient with me!!! I also didn't get a chance to run to the post office today, normally I print postage online but my printer is acting odd, so I might run to office max tonight for a new cartridge, so if you've bought something from me this week, it's going out first thing in the morning! Yay!!!!!

Phew! Thank goodness it's Friday!!!!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I'm sewing sewing sewing, I need to finish some custom orders and stock the shop!!! :)