{*Break Time*}

I'm positively beat gang! I think I'm suffering from a bit of winter blues. Anytime the sun has been out, I've stopped whatever I've been doing to sit outside and absorb as much of it as possible! I'm honestly excited about living in the Redding heat this summer!!!!

I wanted to share with you this photo I took this weekend, I love that all the ornamental and fruit trees are starting to blossom here! It makes me so so so happy. About 3 seconds after I took this, I started to get hailed on. haha. Go figure!!!

We both took the weekend off. It involved lots of popcorn, thrift shop trips, a bookstore visit, The Office, long car rides and toting my camera places. We've been t.v.less for quite some time, so t.v. is a rare treat for us. We reallllyyy are in love with The Office, so much that we've stayed up until 4 am each night watching! oops!

The weekend didn't start off so good, I have three missing packages and that bums me out. I, get ready for this, lost my engagement ring. Yup. How terrible is that. I lost it on Friday and we found it around midnight last night. Let's just say I spent a lot of my weekend in the dog house!!!!

If you've sent me an email on Saturday or Sunday, it most likely will be answered either late tonight or tomorrow. I made a  FAQs about custom orders too!!! I'm going to *stop* taking custom orders on Friday, March 13th, so I can work on them and get caught up!

Did you have a good weekend???

*EDITED: I've deleted my typepad so older posts may not have their photos :( Sorry about that!*