I, Ms.McPorkchop, am in the funk to end all funks. No amount of retail therapy will help. No amount of chocolate will save me. I am CRANKY. Instead of whining about it, I'm going to try to be positive and show you my sewing machine!

Look at all that JUNK! I was sewing myself a pair of panties this morning when my machine jammed, prompting me to actually look at the machine and holllllly smokes, what a MESS!!!

Yup! That's my amazing vacuum cleaner! Trust me when I say that my machine needed this. Surprisingly (sarcasm) it's running a lot smoother now!!!!

I've done everything in my power to make myself less grumpy, attempted picking out quilt fabric (fail! can't choose!), had an amazingly delish lunch, took new fabric photos, watched comedy online, listened to my favorite guns and roses pandora radio station and had a major dance party, worked on two big custom orders and got one shipped, ordered fabric for an order that I screwed up, worked in my sketch book...

I even went for a bike ride! I only made it around the block because my front tire is flat-ish. BOO!

I think know why I'm in a grump mood but I just can't seem to shake it!!!

What are your favorite ways to de-grump?!

(P.S. All emails will now start to be replied to at night! Now that I have an extra few hours of sunlight, I'm sewing and working longer into the evenings, rather than replying first thing in the morning!)