{*~Bye November~*}

It's crazy that November is almost over. I started the month with such ambition and motivation. But I got side tracked by the flu. And then it was Thanksgiving. And suddenly...DECEMBER. How does that happen?!

  • Lately I've been loving film. It's a mystery. It's a constant surprise. I was so surprised to see that I caught steam in the last photo. For the curious, I'm using a Nikon FM 50mm 1:1.8 Fuji 200 speed film.
  • Obsessed with pinterest.
  • I deleted my entire google reader last night. I got incredibly frustrated and now I'm starting fresh. Blogs that inspire. Blogs of friends. Stuff that makes me smile.
  • I'm going to sell about 80% of my fabric. I realize that what I want to sew with and what I buy are two different things. Goodbye brights, hello warms & neutrals. I'm really excited to pare down and focus this winter.
  • You know who constantly inspires me? Laurraine , Karyn & Leslie. It's no secret that I obsess over Japanese zakka inspired sewing. They both do it wonderfully with a dash of their own personalities thrown in. Every time they post something new I get excited!
  • These owls that Christina makes KILL me. It seems like all my friends have done CUTE things with them! I've pinned 3-4 VERY cute projects made with them!
  • We've listed new patterns in The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery! And guess what?! THEY ARE ON SALE! $4.95!!! woohoo!!!
  • I've been hunting for bottle brush trees, a new batter bowl (I've smashed 3 of them since August), the perfect applique needle and jeans that actually FIT. OH! And socks. I want hand knit socks!
  • I have a little dream and I'm dying to follow it but I am SUCH a hypocrite! I *always* am the cheerleader friend, telling everyone to follow their dreams, you can do it!!! But when it comes to my own projects? I'm turning into a weenie and playing it safe. I hate it! I need to take a leap! Or get a life coach other than poor Porkchop ;)

But before I follow dreams I gotta get caught up! And maybe bounce some ideas off of some friends?! Or just crawl into bed for one last nap before Monday!