{*~Hi January!~*}

Happy New Year Friends!!!!

January is off to a great start...having Chop home everyday is simply incredible!!! I love being able to sew & have him to chat with, he's also my biggest fan, which is oh so flattering! ;)

I've been working on a lot of projects lately. As I mentioned before, my fabric stash was out of control so I've packed most of it away and I'm focusing on the fabrics I truly love.

The week in between Christmas & New Years I knew I wanted to write a pattern for a star-y log cabin quilt. I pulled out a lot of my VERY favorite fabrics and just went to town. It's been *amazing*. This is the type of quilt that really I get EXCITED to work on each time I sit down. I love watching some of my very first fabrics I ever bought get turned into this! So great! But I've been sort of on the limb about the pattern, it's a LOT of little details that make it easy to personalize. Then a good friend & I had a great gchat about E-Courses.

I've taken several e-courses, from quilting to art journaling & I'd LOVE to teach this quilt as an e-course. I want to teach it over the span of 8 weeks...from picking fabrics to learning some tricks so your stars stay nice and pointy and fussy cutting and how to play with color to assembling and finally, quilting it your way!

I feel bad showing a quilt that isn't finished but for me, this quilt is all about LOVING THE PROCESS! I'm handquilting it all and I have to say that I'm in love. I'm getting to revisit each of the little fabrics and I love running my fingers over the little bumps. Of course you don't have to hand quilt yours & I'll show you a few ideas on how to machine quilt it :) I'm just not into rushing this part!

If people are interested, please drop me a comment, but no pressure, I just want to get an idea or two. I'm thinking 8 weeks for $75. You'd get a pdf with instructions once a week, plus I'd create a private flickr group where we could show off our creations and talk. I think I'd do a fun giveaway once a week too! Plus this way, it's go at your own pace, if your busy and can't commit, no problem, the pdfs are yours to print when you can & the flickr group would be permanent! I'm going to set a limit on how many people can join though because I'd like to be able to interact with everyone & get to know them :)

I'm going to be stitching the rest of the day & hopefully catching up on emails (I'm dreadfully behind..eep!)