{*~Patchwork Palettes: Amsterdam Block~*}

So Karyn & I are really into pinterest right now. I've been completely inspired by the great stuff she's been pinning. The ability to collect all my inspiration and ideas in one place is perfect! And being able to see what inspires others?! Amazing!

One night on gchat we decided to put our pins on pinterest to use and came up with a great new project.

Enter: The Patchwork Palettes Series.

We are taking some of our favorite pinned photos, taking the palette of colors and challenging ourselves to turn them into quilt blocks.

Our first block was inspired by this photo .

I loved the dusty lilacs, the jet blacks, the murky grays and those bits of trees in this photo. So beautiful. Plus I'm really obsessed with Amsterdam's architecture. I wanted to create a block using those colors; very soft/feminine but with a dark Gothic punch!

My block is a traditional Rhode Island Star. Unfortunately it's super windy outside so my block looks a little crooked & wrinkly in the photos, but I assure you that it's a 12 inch square. ;)

I used some of my very favorite fabrics to translate this photo into a quilt block. Shot cottons, the new Denyse Schmidt Greenfield Hill which I simply ADORE, linen and some Japanese taupe prints.

I went traditional whereas Karyn went modern. I wish I'd been able to nail that coral color and Karyn was totally able too! It's such a pretty tone! I really love how she played with space and forms in her block, the tiny squares and rectangles kill me. And those fussy cut trees really stole my heart! Plus those gray plaids...you know I died when I saw them! Seriously, she created a beautiful block.

It's really awesome to have two people look at the same photograph and interpret it completely differently. This is what I love about quilting, it's 100% open to interpretation!!!! You take something that inspires you and you make it YOUR OWN! There is nothing cooler than putting your own stamp on things. It's good to challenge yourself, try something new and find inspiration EVERYWHERE.

I hope you've liked seeing the first bit of our project, Karyn has already chosen the next photo and it's going to stretch my color using skills, I can't wait! I know her version is going to be rad too!

A few notes:

  • The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery has released a new & incredibly cute Valentines Day Pattern! Also be sure to check out Fruit of the Month club! We've been hard at work stitching up samples...did you know we have a flickr group and Kaye had her versions written up in Too Cute Tuesday!
  • Star-y Log Cabin class is a GO!!! Thank you all so much for your kind & encouraging words. Tomorrow night sign ups will START with classes starting the first week in February. I'll be blogging all the details tomorrow night!

Have a great Sunday night!! Keep looking for quilt blocks in everything around you!