{*~Star-y Log Cabin Quilting Class!~*}

Remember this quilt?


Because tonight starts sign ups for my E-Course!!!!

My e-course will run 8 weeks and will teach you everything, step by step, from start to finish including:

  • picking fabrics
  • fussy cutting
  • finding your machines 1/4 and scant 1/4 inch mark
  • how to make PERFECT sawtooth stars...with ALL THEIR POINTS!
  • making the blocks & assembling the quilt top
  • straight line & hand quilting
  • binding
  • inspiration & positive thinking!

This class is 100% BEGINNER FRIENDLY. I'm here for YOU! If you can sew, I can teach you this. My goal is for you to create a gorgeous star-y log cabin quilt in colors that make YOU happy. This is going to be chock full of information!

I completely understand that sometimes a full quilt is daunting at first so I'm breaking this up over 8 weeks. Once a week you'll get a pdf from me with tons of color photos showing you each step. After you purchase the class, you'll get an INTRODUCTION PDF. This is the schedule and the topics I'll be covering.

I'll be setting up a private flickr group tomorrow for students to join.


If your busy and life is up in the air right now, NO PROBLEM. You can still partake, I want this to be fun and I want everyone to enjoy the process, so it's completely go at your own pace. Can only pick fabrics? No problem. Can't do anything for another 3 months? No problem! The flickr group is permanent and I'll *always* be here to help you.  If you have a question tomorrow or a year from now, I'm only an email away.

Class will be $80, so $10 a week. Keep in mind that you'll have one on one help from me and you won't even have to leave your pjs! How great is that?! And you can use the pattern over and over...plus learn tips & tricks that will help you in other quilts! I'll be doing a giveaway once a week of some of my favorite tools & notions.

One BIG rule: Please respect me & the time I put into this class, don't share your pdfs. If cost is a problem, contact me.

Sign-ups will last until February 1st or until the class fills up. I'm going to keep it pretty small so I can interact with everyone individually.

Ok!!! I think that's everything! I really hope you'll join me for this class, it's going to be a GREAT time & I really can't wait to see everyone's Star-y Log Cabin Quilts!!!!

Class signup is here!

Again, thank you all SO much for your kind emails & your support. I love sharing the tips I've learned and I want EVERYONE to feel as inspired by quilting as I do!