{*~Weekend in Film~*}

The Chop & I had a great weekend in Ashland, Or. It was border line painful to have to leave. Our hotel, Ashland Springs, was so cozy. Saturday night we had food from the restaurant brought up & we laid in bed & did crossword puzzles while watching old Westerns. We know how to party.

Our weekend was spent reconnecting, eating, relaxing and exploring Oregon. We went up to Medford & Crater Lake. I'd never been to Crater Lake before and wowzers, absolutely GORGEOUS. The snow! The colors of the water! The penny squishing machine! So great. I got some wonderful treasures from Prize & Fabric of Vision. I had a Dagoba bittersweet warm chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream that just about did me in. And I washed it down with some Rogue American Amber.HEAVEN.

Right before I left I broke my macbook's power cord and just got the new one this morning in the mail. I kept trying to comment on blogs & send emails from my phone but man, what a PITA. It feels nice to have a laptop again!

A few notes:

I'm off to work on this weeks pdf. It's going to be SO great!!!