My Wednesday

  • getting up and walking 5 miles on the treadmill
  • listening to the same albums on repeat since 5 am (The Avett Brothers, Neil Young, Truth & Salvage Co, The Decemberists)
  • caught up on emails & google reader
  • pinning on pinterest
  • baking beer bread. I added some onions we dehydrated and it's amazing. We'll have grilled cheese & tomato soup for dinner.
  • sewing up a storm. getting caught up on obligations. and a little fun something.
  • scrap bin organization. deciding what I'll use and what I'll toss. Hoping a certain someone will buy me a metal bucket from Tractor Supply (Ahem, Chop!)
  • enjoying some of the flowers Chop got me for Valentine's Day.
  • making about oh, 900 lists.
  • editing some new patterns. (eep!)
  • waiting for my glitter shoes to arrive.
  • wanting this fabric so bad it HURTS!
  • needing a new pouch for my DS. (maybe an excuse for the new fabric? ;))
  • absolutely loving (and a bit stunned by) the generosity of my friend Kristen.
  • wishing it wasn't so dang windy! (that's for you Chop!)
  • missing Buddy fierce.
  • getting excited for tomorrow's pdf of the e-course!

What are you up to today?